Elementary Geometry for College Students by Daniel C. Alexander

Elementary Geometry for College Students

Book Title: Elementary Geometry for College Students

Publisher: Brooks Cole

ISBN: 1285195698

Author: Daniel C. Alexander

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Daniel C. Alexander with Elementary Geometry for College Students

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Building on the success of its first five editions, the Sixth Edition of the market-leading text explores the important principles and real-world applications of plane, coordinate, and solid geometry. Strongly influenced by both NCTM and AMATYC standards, the text includes intuitive, inductive, and deductive experiences in its explorations. Goals of the authors for the students include a comprehensive development of the vocabulary of geometry, an intuitive and inductive approach to development of principles, and the strengthening of deductive skills that leads to both verification of geometric theories and the solution of geometry-based real world applications. Updates in this edition include the addition of 150 new problems, new applications, new Discover! activities and examples and additional material on select topics such as parabolas and a Three-Dimensional Coordinate System.